Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Artiodactyla

Infraorder: Tragulina

Family: Tragulidae

Specimen Description

The mouse deer or chevrotain is the smallest hoofed mammal in the world. They have spindly legs with even-toed hooves which supports it’s round body, These small sized deer that Standing on their pencil-thin legs and walks on its tiptoes, They stamp their small feet to signal to each other.

About the Animal

Mouse dear look like deer but can be distinguished from deer by their small size and thin legs and a triangular white pattern extending from the chin and running down the throat. The coat has a range of shades from grey to reddish-brown. Males have a pair of enlarged canines that extend down from their upper jaw. The head-body length of the adult greater mousedeer is 50-60cm while the adult lesser mousedeer measures 40-50cm. The distinguishing feature of the lesser mousedeer is that the white stripe on the two sides of the triangular pattern that runs down the chin and throat is continuous, whereas the greater mousedeer’s stripes are broken and/or uneven.