Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Beryciformes

Family: Holocentridae

Genus: Sargocentron

Species: S. rubrum


Sargocentron rubrum is a colourful fish, that live in the marine environment their body has subequal stripes of brownish red and silvery white, spinous dorsal dark red with a large, quadrangular, whitish blotch in middle of each membrane (except the first) forming a median band, dorsal membrane tips white, except posteriorly.  Five oblique scale rows on cheek. It has a short and blunt snout,  mouth is terminal to slightly inferior, maxilla usually extending nearly to or a short distance beyond a vertical through center of eye. The premaxillary groove often ending above anterior edge of orbit, anterior end of nasal bone with a blunt spine, surface or medial edge of nasal bone spineless. The nasal fossa usually without spinules on its edge. The upper edge of 1st suborbital bone with a slightly retrorse lateral spine a short distance posterior to a vertical at front edge of eye, followed by a ridge of recumbent spinules.

Found in coastal reefs, silty reefs or wrecks in lagoons, bays, or harbors may occur in aggregations, also found hidden in caves and cracks of rocks during the day usually in areas subject to strong currents. Intertidal observations were also reported Feed mainly on benthic crabs and shrimps, also preys on small fishes. Eggs and larvae are pelagic. Spine of preopercle venomous, Indo-West Pacific, Red Sea to the western Pacific where it ranges from southern Japan to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and New South Wales, Australia. Recently recorded from Tonga.